Monday, January 2, 2012

Project: Nook Case

So, my mom got a nook tablet for Christmas, and  no one thought to get her a case to go with it (and knowing her, it'll be broken soon). Her birthday is coming up on Thursday, so instead of spending $50 for one at Barnes & Nobles, I decided just to make one myself. So, here it goes!

Here's what you need:

4-5 different fabrics (about a square foot in size)
sewing machine
Keep the Nook handy to measure

  1. First you want to measure your Nook, and add about 1 1/2" around each side
  2. Take the fabric that you want to be on the cover, and place it right sides together with the one you want for the inside.
  3. Now, you want to double your pattern that you make with the Nook, so it will fold over it like a book.
  4. Then pin your pattern to the 2 pieces you have for the cover and cut it out.
  5. You may want to apply some iron-on adhesive to make it a bit sturdier.
  6. Turn the inside of your cover so the right side is facing up.
  7.  Now, take 2 of your other fabrics to made the inner pockets out of. You want to hem one edge on each of them.
  8. Lay them down on the left side of the cover, about where you will want them, making sure they're straight, then pin them only the piece of fabric that will be the inside.
  9. To make to corner pieces that will hold the Nook, fold your last fabric into quarters until you have a square, and cut it to about the size you want the holders to be, plus 1 1/2".
  10. Hem the edge that will out, and pin one in each corner of the inner fabric on the right side. 
  11. Turn the fabric with everything pinned to it back so that it's right sides together with the front cover, and  pin them together.
  12. When you sew it together, sew 5/8" away from the edge to make it sturdy, leaving about 2 inches un-sewn so you can turn your cover right side out.
  13. After it's sewn together, you want to flip it back out though the opening, then fold the raw edges of it in and sew it together so it looks like a finished edge. 
So there you have it, a super easy, and cheap, Nook cover. Hope you enjoy :)


Momma Debbie

Hi Girls, Found you from Pinterest. I appreciate your blog and think it is great. My only comment is to change the colors of the type as it is very hard to read compared to the background. Other than that, I am quite impressed with your endeavors. Blessings, Deb

Lindsay and Lacey

Thanks so much! We've changed the colors and hope it works better now! Glad you enjoy our blog :)